Sobrang Cheesy Talaga! – My Baked Mac =)

I didn’t have the energy (read: tinatamad ako!) to cook something complicated for dinner earlier tonight, but I also didn’t want to resort to canned or processed food. With my husband’s love for pasta in mind, I decided to prepare the no-brainer but still sinful baked macaroni. To make it healthier, I mixed light canned tuna with the 3-cheese tomato sauce, lots of garlic and onions. (Yeah right, healthy nga, dami naman kakainin!:P)
After topping the macaroni and tomato sauce mixture with LOTS of quick-melt cheese, I popped the pan into the oven for a couple of minutes, and this was the gooey, mouth-watering result:
I loved the toasted cheese part – it lent a nice crunch to the dish (and also kept the dish from being too gooey, though that’s not such a bad thing!). I prepared a couple of slices of garlic bread too – the perfect partner to this simple to prepare dish that’s a meal in itself.
Needless to say, my husband and I almost finished the whole thing 🙂

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  1. hehehe….sobrang cheesy talaga (",) masarap ya-an…ang sarap naman maki-kain sa inyo sis, pag tuwing na daan nga ako ppunta na ng Daan Hari, naalala kita, isip ko saan ang bahay mo hehehe….ang ganda nung pag ka toast ng cheese on top kaya mas mukhang kaaya-aya kainin…ako den gusto ko yan part na yan kainin (",) wish ko den kasi matuto magluto ng Bac Mac, hindi ba mabusisi?

  2. Diane, oo nga pala from the South ka din! minsan nga food trip tayo (katakawan talaga haha!). about the baked mac – naku sobrang dali gawin! email/PM kita sa GT about the procedure, kayang-kaya mo gawin ASAP 😉 and yung toasted cheese talaga sa baked mac ang fave ko, yum!!=)

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