Social Bullies


I honestly marvel at the audacity of some people to pass judgment on others, moreso because these people think they’re much better than others because: they’re rich/they socialize with the “right” people/they think they’re beautiful. These ultra-judgmental individuals have no qualms about flaunting their brand-name possessions, and will do anything to name-drop as often as they possibly can. They’re not afraid to air their comments, which are often on the negative side (except when they’re talking about themselves/their possessions). Those who dare to air comments/points of view on the contrary should prepare themselves to feel the wrath of these social bullies – and be bombarded once again with their seemingly astounding display of wealth.

Too bad for these bullies, brand names (and in general, money) don’t automatically equate to class. Yes, we all have our own points of view, and we all have the freedom to air them – but feeling high and mighty, and much more superior to others while doing so, is just plain wrong.


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  1. I've met so many people who are like this. Unfortunately, some are my friends. It's like there's nothing that can please them except themselves. I'm sure they just want to feel superior over everyone they bring down.

  2. I hate cyberbullies the MOST!

    I bet my bottom peso that most of them won’t have the courage (more like audacity) to do that to your face.

    Matapang lang sila coz their behind a computer.

  3. Oh yes, cyberbullies are the worst! Matapang lang because they can hide behind the anonymity or inaccessibility of being online lang, and won’t have to deal with their kaaway in person. Ang daming ganyan ngayon! 😦

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